• Veterinarians


    As Petline’s Veterinary Team, it’s wonderful for us to be able to connect with you on a whole new level. We get to address your concerns without the time or financial constraints of traditional in-clinic care. Every day we get to spend time educating and guiding pet parents on topics that range from recent diagnoses to caring for an ongoing condition. We’re so excited to help you learn more about the habits and health of your best friend so you can be an even more amazing pet parent.

  • Behaviorists


    If only our pets could tell us what they’re thinking! As Behavioral Experts, we know it’s tough to understand your pet’s every mood and we don’t want you to tackle it alone or turn to questionable sources for advice.  As coaches, we help you puzzle out all those little bad habits; guiding you through the nuances of pet-parenting and taking time to find amazing ways to exercise your furry pal’s body and mind.

  • Nutritionists


    As Petline’s Nutrition Specialists we’re here when you find yourself wandering the pet food aisle and wondering about your best friend’s diet. There are so many factors that contribute to healthy dietary management from allergies to medications. We love spending time with you learning all about your pets, helping you understand their nutritional needs, and sharing our personalized recommendations. We’re not a pet store; we don’t sell specific brands, we get to make sure that you feel confident feeding your furry friend all those treats.

  • Groomers


    Being Groomers, we know a lot goes into helping your pets look their best and that maintaining it at home can be a bit of a mystery. Every pet is so different. Different coat types, different skin types. Some pets don’t shed, and some leave a pile of fur everywhere they go! That’s why we’re here. We get to chat with you about your at-home grooming routine and help you find the best tools, products, and techniques to keep your best friend feeling good and looking sharp.

  • Concierge Team

    Concierge Team

    We’re a bunch of pet lovers and customer care experts over here on the Petline Concierge Team. It’s super exciting for us to get to find you the best prices on the products you use most. Or discovering that just-right local service provider.  We get to make your Petline experience personal by making sure your pet’s care is always coordinated.  We think the most important thing is for you to spend all the quality time that you can with your pal, and let us do the rest.