Got Pets? ®

Petline is a team of loving and caring pet experts available 24/7. We’re here giving you, our pet-parenting champions, a whole new way to love, care for, and protect your pets.  And just like your primary care provider, our experts keep a record of your pet, so you’re always getting coordinated care.

New pet, no user manual?

No problem.  We've got your back. Our team of professionals will answer your questions and guide you toward the right products, the best local service providers and the best techniques to cover all your pet’s needs.

Is it a little thing, or a big thing?

Petline’s veterinarians will patiently talk you through any concerns you have regarding your furry friend right from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you happen to be) by phone, chat, text, video or via the Petline mobile app.  Always personal, always one-on-one.

Some behavioral issues?

Digging, chewing, separation anxiety or litter box troubles?  What you need is a session with our behavior specialists.  Petline's behaviorists will give you the tips and tools to make your best friend even better.  We'll get those tails wagging again in no time.

Who do you call in an emergency?

When our pets are suddenly sick or injured, unfortunately, it’s not always during “regular business hours.” Our customer care team and veterinarians are always available in times of crisis. We’ll help coordinate emergency care — assuring the best possible outcome for you and your best friend.

Nutritional advice from a Pet Store?

Nope!  Pets, like people, each have unique needs.  You don’t have to spend hours in the pet food aisle or spend money on trial and error. Learn just what foods and treats are perfect for your pet and your budget.  Our nutritional counselors are here to help.

Expert Advice That
Moves At Your Speed

With Petline, pet experts are available to you in any way you want to reach them, from wherever you need to be. Get quality care to go on your mobile device. Or use your desktop to contact our pet professionals. You’ll get the same top-of-the-line guidance no matter how you decide to connect.

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